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Tickets and prices can be found at:

Festivalprices 2018

Festival Pass 1050kr
Festival Pass + Camping + VIP 1650 kr
Festival Pass + VIP 1450kr
Festival Pass + Camping 1250kr
One day ticket 695kr
Caravan camping pitch 225kr
Please note that VIP tickets are only available in limited edition! First come first served.

VIP ticket means access to the VIP area located on Backstage. The serving there has a larger assortment and plenty of seating both under the roof and under the sky. You do not have to queue and can sit and enjoy the festival atmosphere and good music!
The chance to meet the artists is very big.

For questions please contact:




On Friday, April 5 at noon, the booking opens to Camp-Rock (the campsite that was previously called the family camp and is located in the same place as before).

The campsite is one of Skogsröjets campsites and is situated directly adjacent to the festival.
Camp rock is an attractive campsite. There are only a limited number of places to book in advance.
First come first served from the date and time when the campsite opens its booking.

Everyone who wants to camp on camp-rock must have a festival pass + camping pass.
The parking space costs SEK 700 / camping site regardless of which accommodation. Motorhome, caravan, tent.

The payment for the installation site takes place in connection with check-in.

The campsite opens the gates at 10:00 on Thursday, 1st August.


It is only possible to book a booking site / booking.
We will only accept completely full bookings and it is first come first served.
Reservations entered before opening will NOT be processed. Anyone who has received a setup site will receive a confirmation by mail within about 10 days.

Welcome with your booking at mail

When booking please state:
Mobile phone:
Type of car:: Tent, Caravan, Motorhome and length of the car.

Caravan camping

No pre-booking.

All campers must pay a location fee. The location fee can be purchased via Eventim 225 SEK or directly on arrival.

All accommodation at the caravan camp must have festival pass and camping pass.
There is no electricity available. Electricity, gas heater etc. are allowed. It is also permitted with awning.

Tent camping

No pre-booking.
All residents of the tent camping must have a festival pass and camping pass.

In order to avoid several different price categories at Eventim, which sells our tickets, we have ONE prize for Festival Pass + Camping.
Then you can choose the camping category yourself.

If you have a festival pass, campers can be bought on site for 300: –

Camping information

The campsites are located on grassy meadows and there are no amenities except portable loos and drinking water.

It is not permitted to use vehicles on the tent camping.

Open fire, cressets and grills are not allowed for safety reasons.

There will be a large number of camping hosts who will help at the campsites.

It is of the utmost importance that caravans and tents are set up according to the camping regulations. Those who set up tents on the streets will have to move it. There will be fire extinguishers at all camps in the event of fire. These are managed by the festival staff. There will be staff at all campsites throughout the day.

We will also set up a shower area where there is also drinking water for the tent camping. The shower area will be adjacent to the festival area. The shower area opening hours will be in Infotel.

Rules for the campingsites

No glass bottles are allowed in the camping area.

No grill/bbq is allowed in the camping area due to fire hazard.

All camping equipment is to be carried to the campsite. No vehicles are allowed.

Skogsröjet follows fire services guidelines regarding campsites due to fire hazards. Minimum distance between tents is 3 meters. Camping hosts will be available to help if any question/inquiry arises.
Skogsröjet asks you to camp to respect the 3 meter rule.

Caravans/RV/busses will be placed in marked spaces. Minimum of 4m distance between vehicles.

Breakfast will be available for sale on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Opening hours will be posted later.

Notice! This is Sweden! A cold country even in the summertime. Dress warmly to enhance your stay.


The festival offers only accommodation at camping for caravan or tent. However, other forms of accommodation are a bit from the festival.

In Finspång there is Hotel DeGeer:

For other options check out Trivago

The nearest big city is Norrköping and there are several possibilities for accommodation in both hotels and hostels.


We have a large number of paramedics throughout the festival. They are everywhere on the field and they a medical tent where they can take care of injured persons. There are firefighters on the scene who are also medically-trained in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Rescue). We also have festival staffs who are trained in CPR. If u are in need of help, please go to a nearest festival host. They will help you to contact the paramedics. These paramedics are available throughout the day.

We work in cooperation with the Youth Health Centre (Ungdomshälsan) in Finspång. They work with us to support the young people who might need help during the festival for different reasons. These young people are taken care of until an adult relative comes and get them.


Skogsröjet implements the body search of visitors and its bags before admission to the festival area.
If you do not allow yourself to be searched, Skogsröjet have the right to deny you access to the festival. These searches are done for safety reasons and to prevent objects which are not part of the festival carried in.

All kinds of drinks must beleft outside the festival area entrance. It is only allowed to bring empty plastic bottles for water supply.

Spray cans, marker pens and such are not allowed inside the festival area.

Drugs, weapons (seized by the guards), glass bottles and other things that violate Swedish law are not allowed.

Umbrellas are not allowed in the area for these obscure the view.

It is also not allowed to bring animals inside the festival area.


If you break the rules, you will be asked and forced to leave the area, and in worst case scenarios, you will be reported to the police. This also applies to the such things as gate-crashing and generally lousy behavior towards fellowmen.


There will be a number of garbage containers and trash cans in the festival area and the on roads to the festival.
To those who want, garbage bags are available to be given to you. Just ask the nearest festival host. We ask you to please throw your trash in the garbage containers and bins.


Make sure to have cash with you since there is no ATM in Rejmyre.
It is possible to pay by card in our food areas and entrance. In many of our food-serving areas, you can also pay by card.
Think of the noise at the festival. We recommend that all children under 13 years old to wear earmuffs. Protect even your own hearing with earplugs.
Earplugs will be on sale at the festival site.

Anyone over the age of 18 must be able to show valid identification at the ticket check.
If you can not show that you are 18 years old, the person will be assigned a youth bracelet. (If there is doubt about age)

Skogsröjet will this year have 3 different bracelets.

0-13 years old: Children’s bracelet (free entry with guardians company)

13 years – not yet 18 years old: Youth Bracelet.
(Word festival pass price)

Over 18 years Adult Bracelet. (Word festival pass price)

So be sure to have a valid ID if you are over 18 years old.


Can you buy earplugs at Skogsröjet?
The answer is obviously yes!

Skogsröjet have, even this year, a collaboration with KillNoise. KillNoise sells both earplugs and musicplugs and will be available at the purple tent near the stages. Go to the KillNoise staff in purple/pink clothes if you are afraid of your hearing but still want to hear the music.

What’s new this year is that you can pay for your earplugs thru Swish.


Skogsröjet festival is located in the small mill town Rejmyre in the municipality of Fingspång.
Rejmyre is located about 38km from Norrköping and about 26km from Finspång. Once in Rejmyre, you dont need a map to find your way the festival site.


There are buses to and from Skogsröjet. You can buy your bus tickets on the bus and you can even pay thru Swish.

Price: 100kr per person, one-way ticket

The bus will be marked SKOGSRÖJET.

Fredag 4/8

10:00 Norrköpings RC 10:15 Skarsätter 10:40 Rejmyre
11:30 Norrköpings RC 11:45 Skarsätter
12:10 Rejmyre
Lördag 5/8
09:00 Norrköping RC 09:15 Skarsätter
09:40 Rejmyre
12:00 Norrköping RC 12:15 Skarsätter
12:40 Rejmyre

From Skogsröjet to Norrköping

Fredag night towards Saturday och Saturday night towards Sunday

02:30 Rejmyre Glasbruk 03:20 Norrköping

Söndag 6/8
10:00 Rejmyre Glasbruk – Norrköping.
12:00 Rejmyre Glasbruk – Norrköping.


The festival bus was run by Pelles Bus became a success and will of course come back. The bus will circulate between the parking, the camping and the festival area on a regular basis. There will be clear festival stops where times for the bus will stand.


The price will be 20 kr per trip and can be paid in cash or with swish