Sister Sin

Having honored their craft for over 10 years, rocked hundreds of stages
around the world and sold over 75,000 albums since their inception, Gothenburg natives SISTER SIN have delivered their most intense and charismatic work yet on their fourth full-length album, Black Lotus.

SISTER SIN skillfully inject elements of classic, metal-tinged hard rock in the vein of W.A.S.P, ACCEPT, and JUDAS PRIEST, while remaining contemporary and palatable with attitude and streetsmarts that carry over towards the Hardcore and Punk scene. Frontwoman Liv Jagrell is as commanding as everwith heavy, full-throated roars and sing-along choruses, backed by heaps of swaggering riffs and ripping guitar solos over a rabblerousing, beat stomping rhythm section. Despite a strong homage to their classic heavy metal predecessors, SISTER SIN establishes themselves as a staple in the modern hard rock scene with raw, captivating musicianship on Black Lotus.

Forget nostalgia: heavy metal is alive and screaming!

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